Roz Edwards On 26 - January - 2012

Rock on Promo can’t count how many times Massive Wagons have played at our gig nights over the years, and anybody who has been lucky enough to catch one of their shows will understand why we were more than a little excited when we heard that these guys had an album in the pipelines.

Right from the start there’s no doubt that ‘Fire It Up’ is just going to be damn good. The vocals seem to be mixed a little low, and you have to crank up the volume to really get the best out of the production, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Massive Wagons are a genuine rock and roll band: anyone who isn’t prepared to turn up to eleven should probably back away now.

There are so many highlights to the album – from the fast and furious ‘Heavy Metal Man’ to the sultry, smouldering ‘Death From Above’ – that it’s honestly hard to pick out a weak point. People often talk about the old grunge albums that had 8 or 9 hits on one CD, and this feels like one of those albums. A lot of bands are guilty of trying to recreate the music of the past and the result is usually outdated and lifeless, but somehow Massive Wagons pull it off in spectacular style. Listening to ‘Fire It Up’ is like waking up in the early 80s, and whether you’re a seasoned rocker or a young convert, it’s an irresistible reminder of just how much fun heavy metal was in the old days.

The album offers a good combination of clever lyrics and catchy choruses, with plenty of cheeky lines thrown in for good measure, and with a song like ‘Fight The System’ it’s not hard to see that these old fashioned rockers are still very much relevant to the present day. More than anything it’s just great to listen to a band who genuinely seem more interested in having fun than showing off. The riffs are simple, the drums keep a solid beat, the vocals don’t take every opportunity to hit the highest notes possible, and absolutely nothing is missing. Listening to Fire It Up you don’t feel for a second that Massive Wagons have anything to prove. These guys are just here to rock, and we love it!


- Roz Edwards

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