Marcello Kolax On 22 - November - 2011

The St. Helen’s based rock band Silver Story released their three track EP on November 11, 2011. It is their second release after their 2009 debut ‘Soulmate:Eliminate’.

The songs are well-balanced and reflect a good night out. Dancefloor is a dynamic start but the rough voice sounds a bit forced. The singer clearly feels more at home in the smoother realms. The song starts out formulaic and predictable. Especially the band’s admiration for 30 Seconds to Mars shimmers through the guitar solo. The bridge with the powerful chorus is a great surprise and elevates the song to a whole new level from the unimaginative start.

Silver Story feels much more comfortable with The Otherside. The second song is easily the EP’s highlight and surprises with every new line. It is one of those songs that can be easily shouted out in your favourite backyard club and has potential for a next rock anthem.

Their last song, The End, really is like the end of a good night out. It carries a positive melancholy and pronounces a calmer atmosphere. It simply is a good end for a good EP.

When listening to Silver Story for the first time, some of the songs sound quite familiar and every note seems predictable. But not in the negative way, rather in the cosy way, creating the feeling you have been listening to them for years.

Rating: 7.5/10

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